Funeral or LIFE CELEBRATION Personalization

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

When planning a Funeral or Life Celebration for your loved one,

please ask us to help arrange...

  • Flowers/Plants
  • "Live" Music (i.e. Harpist/Pianist/Soloist, etc.)
  • Favorite CDs/Playlists
  • Personal/Meaningful Items to Display (i.e. Hobby items, Automobiles, etc.) 
  • Favorite Candy
  • Celebrant/Minister/Clergy
  • Eulogists/Speakers
  • Video Montage/Photo Boards
  • Funeral Programs
  • Urn Display (i.e. Rental Urn, etc.)
  • Donations to Special Charity
  • Dove/Balloon/Butterfly Release
  • Military Honors (i.e. Flag, Military, "Live" Bugler, etc.)

 *Our staff would be honored to help plan a Funeral or Life Celebration to pay tribute to 

the life of your loved one.*