A Matter of Heart & Soul

By: Louise Hay
Friday, December 7, 2018

Below is an article written by one my favorite authors, Louise Hay. She was a motivational speaker who helped others be their best physically, emotionally and spiritually. You may want to read this article more than once. I am sure that her insights will help you to start on your journey of healing. If you would like to find out more about Louise Hay and see her articles, just google her name.


~~Grief is a matter of the heart and soul. It’s a personal experience and not one person grieves the same as another. It’s a good thing to grieve your loss. Accept it and spend time with your grief. When we try to bury our grief, we tend to show it in other ways, such as anger or self-sabotage. Suffering is an optional part. Remember, love never dies and spirit knows no loss. We are a spirit having a human experience. Loss is a natural part of life. We come into this world in body form, but we always live on in spirit.
 Your experience with loss and grief is shaped by your thinking. When your intention is tender and loving, it is easier to get through grief. Grief becomes a tool of healing rather than a way to suffer. Many times we are told that emotions and crying are weaknesses and we need to be tough by not showing our true feelings. Strength is found in expressing how you feel. When we feel the grief that comes with loss, we are able to move on in a loving way.
Choose your thoughts carefully for your thoughts can help you manifest hope in your mourning. Be kind to yourself, and reflect on the loss with love. If you're grieving the death of a loved one, remember how you loved them when they were present; know that you can continue loving them in their absence. You can go from grief to peace. If you are grieving a relationship break-up, accept that the love you needed wasn’t provided for you and that moving on is the best thing in your life. Allow yourself to have a grieving period. There is no certain end to this period, but remember to keep your thoughts in line with optimism.
 Pay attention to your thinking, and change it in areas where you cannot find peace. By doing so, you’ll bring more happiness into your life and to those around you. A broken heart is an open heart. These circumstances provide us with room for growth in our lives. This is a time to learn to get to know our emotions. By doing so, we learn a lot about ourselves. The pain of losing someone is a part of our journey. It’s part of our self-discovery. That is why it is important to embrace these emotions and not bury them.
 The truth is after a death, a breakup or a divorce, you have the strength to create a new reality. It’s natural to forget the power within you after a loss, but it remains there still. I don’t want you to avoid the pain of grief, but to keep moving through it. Tenderness is strength. Experience this pain and then let a new life unfold. A life where you hold this loss in memory of love, not sorrow. Difficult experiences can serve as a reminder that our relationships are a gift. Loss can remind us that life itself is a gift.

 Remember to love yourself. You deserve it. You are a gift, dear ones.
Louise Hay



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