Valentine's Day Means Love for Everyone

By: Betty Dangler
Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine’s Day Means Love for Everyone

Valentine’s Day for some means chocolate, flowers, candy, maybe even a special meal with a special someone. For others, Valentine’s Day can be a poignant reminder of that special someone we love who is missing in our lives and the emptiness we may be feeling. In either case, before you can experience either of these types of love, you need to examine the love you have for yourself.

 Ask yourself, how do I love and take care of myself?


Be grateful.

Express gratitude for all those people who have brought and continue to bring love into your life. I bet you can name at least 5. Read your list (even read it out loud). Do you sense any change in your attitude toward your life and your circumstances? Is your attitude more positive?

Love unconditionally.

Share your love with others without asking for anything in return. Send a note, make a personal phone call, surprise someone with a meal or their favorite dessert. Just do a little something to let the other person know that they are special and you are thinking about them.

Look outside to nature.

Look to nature and all its wonder. Winter can be difficult, but, if you can, take a walk outside (be careful of the ice and snow). Feel the snow. Throw a snowball. Breathe in that fresh air. Nature has a way of letting us know that things may be dormant now, but in a little over a month, spring will arrive in all its splendor.

Love yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Eat well, exercise, stay in contact with family and friends. Let your light shine for others to see. That is the inner beauty of YOU.

Yes, Valentine’s Day and every day can mean love for everyone. Spread your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day !



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